29 December 2012

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 02.10.1995

yes yes I'm in a very good mood :-)

here is another Jimmy Page & Robert Plant concert.

Recorded at the Irvine Meadows, Irvine CA,USA.


enjoy the music

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Faithless - xx.08.1999


now a Faithless concert.

This is recorded at Tel Aviv in Israel in August 1999.

It is a soundboard recording so very good quality.

Tracks :

01 - Reverence
02 - She's My Baby
03 - Take The Long Way Home
04 - Insomnia
05 - Bring My Family Back
06 - Salva Mea
07 - Dirty Ol' Man
08 - God Is A DJ
09 - Postcards
10 - Drifting Away
11 - Take The Long Way Home

enjoy the music

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Depeche Mode - 15.11.2005

today a Depeche Mode concert.

It is recorded live at GM Place at Vancouver 15.11.2005 :

tracks :

Intro : music

Mainset : A pain that I'm used to - John the revelator - A question of time - Policy of truth - Precious - Walking in my shoes - Suffer well - Damaged people - Home - I want it all - The sinner in me - I feel you - Behind the wheel - Worl in my eyes - Personal Jesus - Enjoy the silence

Encore 1 : Somebody - Just can't get enough - Everything counts

Encore 2 : Never let me down again - Goodnight lovers

enjoy the music

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21 December 2012

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 25.03.1995

today a Jimmy Page & Robert Plant concert, Porl Thompson ( yes an ex member of the Cure ) plays guitar and other instruments.  They also play Lullaby.


here you find the link


enjoy the music and spread the word

17 December 2012

homepage / collection

yes yes yes it's finaly finished ....... you can now see my whole collection ... just go to my homepage


all questions, remarks or anything else please please please mail me

I love to have feedback - comments

enjoy the music and spread the word..................

12 December 2012

the Cure - Argentina

the Cure will be playing in Argentina .... april 2013 ........

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homepage / collection

I put my home page/collection online.  It is not totally ready. You will see that if you are looking for information about an album after "B" you will not get any page.  That I'll have to do ..... so a little time please ..... but you can already see what you will get.

thanks ....

11 December 2012

Depeche Mode new album

Depeche Mode will release a new album on Columbia Records in March 2013. European tour will kick of on May 7.

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10 December 2012

EXPO: with Bowie and Kraftwerk to the future

The old minesite of Le Grand Hornu is now a museum.  This museum is rebuild in a "time machine" to the future.  But the future like artists thought it would be ! Retro-futuristique with a litte bit nostalgic to a milkway far far away. 

The expo moves between ufo's over art, science and fiction and show also big iconic works.
Paintings, photographics, installations, sculptures, video's let us see the influence of sci-fi on the art-world.

Big names you could see here are Panamarenko, Anton Corbijn (photographs of Kraftwerk).

And last but not least there is a whole room totaly tributed to Ziggy Stardust the futuristic alter ego of David Bowie.

A must see !!!!

see also www.mac-s.be

09 December 2012

homepage / collection

hi I'm very hard working on my own homepage / collection so that you can see what all the information of my Cure (+related) collection.  Now the site is still under construction ;-) but when it's finished I will give you an update ....



I want to make this blog more then only a music blog.  Music will always be my first love so you may always ask me for a concert you are looking for if I have it I will upload it if not ...... I shall look for it.  Yes yes you can ask also from other bands then the Cure I have a great range of concerts ( over 10 harddisks and still growing).

So back to my first sentence .... this blog will be more.  I love also buildings, design, art etc. so if I (or you) find something beautiful in my personal live or on the internet I shall share it.

Like today I share a beautiful foto of an even beautifuller ceiling.  Taken at a museum in Brussels, Belgium.  Yes I LOVE BELGIUM !!!!!!

07 December 2012

the Cure - 08.06.1989


my first upload :-) is and must be a concert of the Cure.
It is an audience recording but not so bad.

08.06.1989 Milano - Arena Civica (Italy)

plainsong - pictures of you - closedown - Kyoto song - a night like this - just like heaven - last dance - fascination street - cold - Charlotte sometimes - the walk - a forest - inbetween days - the same deep water as you - prayers for rain - disintegration 
Encore 1:
lullaby - close to me - let's go to bed - why can't I be you
Encore 2:
three imaginary boys - boys don't cry - faith 
Members playing at this concert 
Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams, Roger O'Donnell 

All information I found at www.cure-concerts.de.



hi this is my first notice on this blog,

I'm a huge the Cure fan and I'm looking for every kind of music that is related to this amazing band.  So if you have a concert of a band - solo artist where one or more members ( even ex-members ) plays on please let me know.  Always interested in trading....

Even if you have somewhere a cover of a Cure song please let me know also.