28 June 2013

the Cure cover part 39

"a strange day" today - last day of school .... holidays starts for some of us :-)

and it's cover day ................ "a strange day"

apoptygma berzerk

junior cony

love like blood

Enjoy the music

every day

24 June 2013

the Cure - fight the sickness (13.07.2002 )

today the Cure with "fight the sickness".

Devotion Records
Made in the EU

More pictures available after asking.

recorded :

Germany, Hahn, Flughafen, Zillo Festival
band :
Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Perry Bamonte, Roger O'Donnell
tracklist :
01. plainsong
02. the figurehead
03. from the edge of the deep green sea
04. the drowning man
05. torture
06. push
07. the kiss
08. if only tonight we could sleep
09. pictures of you
10. shake dog shake
11. Siamese twins
12. one hundred years
13. bloodflowers
14. pornography
15. disintegration
16. three imaginary boys
17. m
18. play for today
19. a forest
20. Charlotte sometimes
21. faith
and find the Cure

23 June 2013

Siouxsie and the Banshees - faceless ( 26.09.1979 )

Today an album from a the Cure related group. Siouxsie and the Banshees. "faceless".

Supersonic Scientists
SSS 080
Made in UK

More pictures available after asking.

recorded :

UK, Oxford, New Theatre
band :
Siouxsie - vocals
Robert Smith ( the Cure ! ) - guitar
Budgie - drums
Steve Severin - bas
tracklist :

01. poppy day
02. playground twist
03. regal zone
04. the staircase mystery
05. metal postcard
06. premature burial
07. switch
08. overground
09. icon
10. jigsaw feeling
11. mirage
12. helter skelter
13. Hong Kong garden
14. the lords prayer
Enjoy the music

don't forget to twist

22 June 2013

Counting Crows - 28.05.1992

I can't stop with giving concerts with the Cure covers.  Tonight a concert of the Counting Crows live at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco CA, USA on 28.05.1992.

They do a cover of "six different ways".

It's a one track file.

Setlist :

Six Different Ways ( the Cure Cover )
40 Years
Rain King
Ghost Train
This Must Be The Place
Jumpin' Jesus
Sullivan Street
Perfect Blue Buildings
Mr. Jones
Open All Night
The Ghost In You
Round Here
Enjoy the music
in every different way

21 June 2013

the Cure covers part 38

like every Friday it's cover day again.  today 3 covers "all cats are grey" not a song that is covered regulary.

faith & disease

fallen tears


Enjoy the music

and not all cats are grey.

17 June 2013

Comet - 09.04.2005

Comet live at Hailey's Wall of Sound Festival in Denton TX, USA on 09.04.2005

It's again a 1 track file with yes yes a cover of "a forest"

Setlist :

Taxicab Blues
Feathers That Shone
A Forest ( the Cure cover )
Formula One Driver Blues
like a comet in the sky

16 June 2013

Brothers Past - 27.05.2006

Brothers Past live at the Sunshine Stage Summer Camp in Chillicothe IL, USA on 27.05.2006

They play a cover of "Fascination street" so it's an extra cover this weekend :-)

It's a 1 track file.

Setlist :

Let's Start A Gang
Too Late To Call
Who Really Runs the Planet
Fascination Street ( The Cure cover )
State Police
Forget You Know Me
Who Really Runs the Planet
and don't live in the past

15 June 2013

Placebo - 29.09.2009

Placebo live at the Vicente Fernandez Arenat in Guadaljara Mexico on 29.09.2009.  It's 1 track file.

Setlist :

Kitty Litter
Ashtray Heart
Battle For The Sun
For What It's Worth
Speak In Tongues
Follow The Cops Back Home
Every You Every Me
Special Needs
The Never-Ending Why
Happy You're Gone
Devil In The Details
Breathe Underwater
Come Undone
Special K
Song To Say Goodbye
Taste In Men
and if possible give me a comment.

14 June 2013

the Cure covers part 37

yeah Friday night cover night

today 3 times their biggest hit "a forest"

children within

creaming jesus


Enjoy the music

into the treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

10 June 2013

the Cure - Europe 1990 ( 24.06.1990 )

Yesterday it was the Glastonbury show of 1995.  Today the Cure live at the Glastonbury Festival on 24.06.1990. Also one of the many albums with this show.

Live Storm
LSCD 51166
Made in Italy

More pictures available after asking.

Enjoy the music

and see you at the next show.....

09 June 2013

the Cure - dressing up for a day out ( 26.06.1995 )

the Cure recorded live at the Glastonbury festival UK on 26.06.1995.  One  of the many recordings made of it. "dressing up for a day out"

Kiss The Stone
KTS 466
Made in Italy

More pictures available after asking.

Enjoy the music

and let's get out

08 June 2013

Placebo - 10.08.2003

Placebo live at the M'era Luna Festival 2003. Flugplatz, Hildesheim in Germany on 10.08.2003.

Tracklist :

allergic ( to thoughts of mother earth )
every you every me
the bitter end
I'll be yours
special needs
English summer rain
without you I'm nothing
this pictures
special K
taste in men
slave to the wage
pure morning
and let this be your special blog

07 June 2013

the Cure covers part 36

yes yes it doesn't stop.  Friday night is cover night...

today 4 yes 4 covers of "boys don't cry"

forever young

kate york

tekno mafia


Enjoy the music..................

05 June 2013

the Cure - dream tour 2000 ( 11.04.2000 )

the Cure "dream tour 2000" recorded live in Vienna, Austria on 11.04.2000.

? Records
CU 201 CU 202
Made in ?

More pictures available after asking.

Enjoy the music

and keep your dreams high.

04 June 2013

the Cure - dream tour

One of the many recordings during the dream tour 2000.

? Records
Made in ?

More pictures available after asking.

Note :
this is from aud of 26.04.2000 Paris - Zenith (France) ( thanks to Anonymous )

Enjoy the music.

and follow this blog for more dreams.

03 June 2013

the Cure - dreams come true

The Cure "dreams come true" concert recorded in 1992.

Living Dead Records
Made in ?

More pictures available after asking.

Enjoy the music

and let our dreams come true.

02 June 2013

Gary Numan - 07.09.1980

Gary Numan live at the Apollo in Manchester, UK on 07.09.1980. It's a soundboard recording so you know the sound is better.

Tracklist :

This Wreckage
Remind Me To Smile
Me I Disconnect From You
Everyday I Die
Are Friends Electric
The Joy Circuit
I Die You Die
I Dream Of Wires
Down In The Park
We Are Glass
Enjoy the music
and remind me to smile.

01 June 2013

Placebo - 04.09.2010

Placebo live at Two Days a Week, Wiesen in Austria on 04.09.2010.

Tracklist :

Nancy boy
ashtray heart
battle for the sun
Kitty litter
every you every me
special needs
breathe underwater
the never-ending why
bright lights
teenage angst
all apologies
song to say goodbye
the bitteer end
trigger happy hands
post blue
taste in men
till the bitter end