13 July 2015

the Cure - alternative medicine

the Cure : "alternative medicine"

Chelsea Records

Made in Luxembourg

more pictures available after asking

Tracklist :
01. lament                 flexipop version
02. all I had to do is kill her live
03. splintered in her head         live
04. birdmad girl         demo
05. throw your foot         demo
06. happy birthday Simon live
07. the caterpillar         acoustic
08. the caterpillar         demo
09. close to me         demo
10. a reflection                 live
11. pornography live
12. I dig you         live
13. desperate journalist
14. the blood         acoustic
15. Ariel
16. accuracy         Peel session
17. hello I love you
18. purple haze         live
19. I dig you
20. I'm a cult hero

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

Alternative medicine is good music, thank you very much for share

peterfindacure on the road said...

just find a Cure