06 November 2016

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant : 13.03.1995 soundcheck

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
USA, Austin Texas - Frank Erwin Centre University of Texas 

Soundboard Recording?

one track file

Soundcheck :
tales of bron, schoeps mic and bass drum checks
electric guitar check #1
more bass drum checks
bass guitar check
keyboard check
electric guitar check #2
acoustic guitar check
electric guitar check #3
hurdy gurdy, acoustic and electric guitars
electric guitar and theremin workout
acoustic guitar, main and spare mic checks
keyboard warm-up
Kashmir (orchestral exercise)
calling to you (piano and orchestral exercise)
since I've been loving you (band soundcheck)
Kashmir (band soundcheck)
instrumental jam #1
tabla drums workout
Egyptian ensemble warm-up
money (electric guitar workout)
money (band jam)
drum and bass jam
instrumental jam #2
instrumental jam #3
hurdy gurdy tune-up

featuring Porl Thompson

Enjoy the music

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