16 February 2017

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 10.04.1995

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
USA, Boston MA - Boston Garden

Setlist :
Intro :
tales of bron

Mainset :
thank you (Led Zeppelin cover)
the Wanton song (Led Zeppelin cover)
immigrant song (Led Zeppelin song) (intro)
bring it on home (Willie Dixon cover)
ramble on (Led Zeppelin cover)
shake my tree (Coverdale/Page cover)
lullaby (the Cure cover)
no quarter (Led Zeppelin cover)
gallows pole (traditional)
hurdy-gurdy solo
when the levee breaks (Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy cover)
hey hey what can I do (Led Zeppelin cover)
the song remains the same (Led Zeppelin cover)
since I've been loving you (Led Zeppelin cover)
friends (Led Zeppelin cover)
calling to you (Robert Plant cover)
down by the riverside (traditional)
break on through (to the other side) (the Doors cover)
dazed and confused (Jake Holmes cover)
four sticks (Led Zeppelin cover)
in the evening (Led Zeppelin cover)("carouselambra" (Led Zeppelin song) snippet)

Encore :
black dog (Led Zeppelin cover)
Kashmir (Led Zeppelin cover)

Band :
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Porl Thompson, ...

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