22 February 2018

grooved - the Cure - Easy Cure 1st demo ( 1977 - 1978 )

the Cure : "Easy Cure 1st demo (1977-1978)"


Made in ?

tracklist :
side A :
01. meathook
02. listen
side B :
01. need myself
02. want to be old

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

Very grateful again. Amazing.

99fire66 said...


Pillbox Tales
I Just Need Myself
I Want To Be Old

thanks for the post!
don't think meathook was included in the 2cd remaster.

peter gallup said...

thanks for all the nice feedback .... and yes some tracks have a unusual title .... but that you have with demos

enjoy the music and it's nice to have this feedback now I know I'm doing fine :-)