24 June 2018

grooved - the Cure - cure aids ( 02.12.1985 )

the Cure : "cure aids"

Stash Records
STASH 2307

Made in ?

recorded live :
Germany, Berlin - Eissporthalle

tracklist :
side A :
01. the hanging garden
02. cold
03. a night like this
04. inbetween days
05. let's go to bed
side B :
01. the walk
02. relax (intro)
03. the baby screams
04. play for today
05. Kyoto song
06. primary
side C :
01. push
02. screw
03. one hundred years
04. a forest
side D :
01. sinking
02. six different ways
03. close to me
04. Charlotte sometimes
05. three imaginary boys
06. boys don't cry

note : tracklisting is not the correct running order of the concert.

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

It has not been bad the weekend musically speaking, Mixed Up (I'm waiting for it, do you already have yours?), The return of The Cure to the stage yesterday with a curious concert, is not only the only one of Hyde Park, with nothing new, which I do not care too much, if they are active and well, here more good music with this concert that is true that has two principles, someone got confused and did not put the songs in order on the vinyl. We put them in the reproduction.
Thank you very much here again.

I forgot, when it is possible, please scan the photograph of the band on the cover.

Anonymous said...

Please i wait for the partial scan cover front, when you can, of course.

Derek Oliva said...

Oohhh my good no more words!!!!

peter findacure said...

thanks for the nice 'no words'

enjoy what you see and hear