06 November 2018

the Cure - obscureties


the Cure: "obscureties"


Made in ?

more pictures available after asking

tracklist :
01.    burn
02.     want
03.    this is a lie
04.    club America
05.     Jupiter crash
06.     two chord cool
07.     mint car
08.     dredd song
09.    the lovecats (extended version)
10.    inbetween days (extended version)
11.    purple haze
12.     Friday I'm in love (strangelove mix - edit)
13.    just like heaven (remix)
14.    high (trip mix)
15.    snow in summer
16.    sugar girl   
17.    killing an Arab
18.    cats like cheese
19.    boys don't cry
20.    hello I love you (slight return)

Notes :
A collection of previously unreleased and rare recording in excellent sound quality
Track 1: from "The Crow" soundtrack
Track 2-7: "First Pass" mixes from promo only tape
Track 8: full length version from "Judge Dredd" soundtrack
Track 9: [from 12", misspelled "The Love Cats (extended remix)"]
Track 10: from US 12"
Track 11: full length version from "Stone Free - A tribute to Jimi Hendrix" compilation
Track 12: edited version of the "Strangelove Mix"
Track 13: special remix by Bob Clearmountain
Track 14: different vocal version from limited 12"
Tracks 15 & 16 from "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" bonus 12"
Track 17: '82 live version from "Hanging Garden" 10" [Recorded at Manchester Apollo]
Track 18: early demo of "Give Me It" with different lyrics
Track 19: Chestnut Studio 05.26.1978
Track 20: from the Elektra anniversary compilation "Rubaiyat"

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I can finally hear those demos.
Thank you

peter findacure on the road said...

you're welcome

enjoy the music

Anonymous said...

I have this album in physical format for some time, but I also love seeing it here. It was already missing something from The Cure around here. It is always nice to see a new post from the band.

peter findacure on the road said...

I have already posted so many things of the Cure it is and will always be my favorite band ..... but there is more good music isn't it

thanks for the feedback and enjoy the music and the blog