11 January 2019

grooved - various artists - the Beggars Banquet file

various artists : "the Beggars Banquet file"

Beggars Banquet

Made in the Netherlands

tracklist :
side A :
01. Johnny G         G-beat (jive samba)
02. Colin Newman    remove for improvement
03. the Associates    white car in Germany
04. Bauhaus        kick in the eye
side B :
01. the Raybeats    holiday in Spain
02. Stephen Milford    living neon
03. Morrissey Mullen    slipstream
04. Ballistic Kisses    recipe for revolt

Enjoy the music


chocoa said...

great site, nice proto new wave selections.
ray beats were the best-

peter findacure said...

thanks for the nice words .......

enjoy the music