28 November 2019

the Cure - live in Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany - 21.06.2019

the Cure : "live in Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany"

UM Sound
UMS 21062019

Made in the EU

more pictures available after asking

recorded live :
Germany, Neuhausen Ob Eck - Southside Festival

Band :
Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Roger O'Donnell and Reeves Gabrels

tracklist :
CD 1 :
01. intro
02. shake dog shake
03. from the edge of the deep green sea
04. just one kiss
05. lovesong
06. pictures of you
07. high
08. a night like this
09. just like heaven
10. last dance
11. fascination street
12. never enough
13. Wendy time
14. push
15. in between days

CD 2 :
01. play for today
02. primary
03. want
04. 39
05. burn
06. a forest
07. lullaby
08. the caterpillar
09. the walk
10. let's go to bed
11. doing the unstuck
12. Friday I'm in love
13. close to me
14. why can't I be you
15. boys don't cry

Enjoy the music


monotype said...

please, more artwork. thanks

sewer rat said...

make your own artwork....this guy does enough by getting these bootlegs out for download...and more often than not he attaches some great artwork [which he doesn't have to do]...most of the other bootleg sites don't have much artwork attached.

peterfindacure on the road said...

thank you for these nice and suporting words

but it's my fault I write it down "more pictures after asking"

so here are more pictures


but still please enjoy the music

99fire66 said...

you're awesome! thank you so much!

peterfindacure on the road said...

you are welcome

you made my day


yuttre said...

The first cd it's not Neuhausen Ob Eck - Southside Festival but Bestival live 2011 can you re-up, please?

yuttre said...

Sorry...it's ok the number of tracks is incorrect! Thank You

peterfindacure on the road said...

no problem

it's always difficult with those bootlegs

enjoy the music