08 October 2020

Kitchen Dwellers - 14.02.2020

Kitchen Dwellers 
USA, Bozeman MT - The Rialto

flac version

Setlist :
Set 1 :
how mountain girls can love
hit parade of love
my little girl in Tennessee
unwanted love
Eli Renfro
love come come
1952 Vincent Black lightning
feel like makin' love

Set 2 :
mountain > drunken poet dreams
red haired boy > fall on my knees
here we go (Hollowtops cover)
muir maid > gypsy > muir maid
love song (the Cure cover) > the living dread

Set 3 :
covered bridges > ten (Yonder Mountain String Band cover)
salt creek > Molly and the Tenbrooks
visions of Mohr
5 candles > high on a mountain top > 5 candles
every rose has it's thorn (Poison cover)

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