26 August 2015

Fad Gadget - live in Lyon ( 23.01.1981 )

Fad Gadget : "live in Lyon"

Mute Records 

Made in ?

more pictures available after asking

recorded :
France, Lyon - ?

band :
Frank Tovey, ...

tracklist :
01. intro
02. newsreel
03. back to nature
04. the box
05. fireside favourite
06. coitus interruptus
07. ladyshave
08. pedestrian
09. Ricky's hand
10. make room
11. state of the nation
12. Ricky's hand ( encore )

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

...and another request for cover art...please.

peter findacure said...

and here you will find more pictures


it's all about the music

enjoy it

Anonymous said...

thanx for the cover scan!

Anonymous said...

Ha, how funny; I transferred the orig. cassette to cd-r and made the art work as well back in 2000! Fun to see it again after all these years. (of course I didn't include fightthissickness...-label ;-)

peter findacure said...

hi that is really fun ...
I bought mine from someone in the US so ....

enjoy it