19 August 2015

Gang of Four - at the palace

Gang of Four : "at the palace"

? Recoords

Made in ?

more pictures available after asking

recorded :
USA, Hollywood - the Palace

band :
Andrew Gill, Jon King, Sara Lee, Steve Goulding, Alyson Williams, Paula West

tracklist :
01. we live as we dream alone
02. history is not made by great man
03. silver lining
04. the history of the world
05. I love a man in a uniform
06. paralysed
07. is it love
08. damaged goods
09. at home he's a tourist
10. to hell with poverty
11. I will be a good boy
12. call me up

Enjoy the music

extra information thanks to Dave Sez


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this, Peter - an outlier in Go4's career, being the last recording with Sara Lee on bass and a stand-in drummer following Burnham's departure the previous year. Recorded in the US, not London. Some info:

Guitar, Vocals – Andrew Gill*
Vocals – Jon King
Bass, Vocals – Sara Lee
Drums – Steve Goulding
Backing Vocals – Alyson Williams, Paula West

Recorded at The Palace, Hollywood, in May 1984.

And for those who prefer the original line-up, here's a classic live gig from the glory-days:


Cheers, Dave Sez.

peter findacure said...

Thanx for all this information will update the page as soon as possible
Mega thank you to you

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but I know you like these, peter:

Just upped: John Peel 6th March 1980
Featuring sessions from Scars and Any Trouble.

Scars - So Strong (Session)
Scars - Je T'Aime, C'est La Mort (Session)
Scars - She's Alive (Session)

Go thank the man over here:


Cheers, Dave Sez.

SilentWay said...

Much thanks to Dave Sez and Peter!

peterfindacure on the road said...

thanks for the possitive feedback !

Enjoy the music