21 November 2017

Bauhaus - 27.11.1982

27.11.1982 thanks to Anonymous)
USA, New Jersey - City Gardens ( thanks to Scott Oswald )

Setlist :
third uncle
silent hedges
in fear of fear
a spy in the cab
terror couple kill colonel
rosegarden funeral of sores
Antonin Artaud
the passion of lovers
the three shadows
she's in parties
the hair of the dog
kick in the eye
hollow hills
in the night
Bela Lugosi's dead

Band :

Enjoy the music

shared by lil devil Scott


Anonymous said...

researching the bauhaus gig guide my guess is that this is actually Nov 27th as the setlist matches and the only other New Jersey from 1982 on the 25th has no known recordings:


peterfindacure on the road said...

thank you .... changed it already

enjoy the music

sewer rat said...

performed at the City Gardens