02 November 2017

the Sweet - a nice surprise

the Sweet : "a nice surprise"


Made in ?

more pictures available after asking

tracklist :
01. paperback writer                                             rare BBC track
02. chop chop                                                       rare BBC track
03. funny fuuny                                                    live for Swedish radiostation
04. rock medley                                                    live for Swedish radiostation
05. baby what you want me to do                         live for Swedish radiostation
06. great bakks if fire                                            live for Swedish radiostation
07. Mr. Business man                                            rare BBC track
08. Alexander Graham Bell                                   rare BBC track
09. the juicer                                                          rare BBC track
10. you're not wrong for lovin' me                        live version
11. ballroom blitz mix                                           US promo maxi single
12. own up take a look at yourself                        b-side "teenage rampage"
13. the sixteens                                                      live version
14. action                                                               live version
15. the lies in your eyes                                         live version
16. fever of love                                                     Japanese version - different intro
17. why don't you do it to me                                b-side "stairway to the stars"
18. that girl                                                            unp. "cut above the rest" - track - Brain on vocals
19. why don't you                                                  b-side "call me"
20. oh yeah                                                            b-side "sixtees man"
21. action                                                               back track only L.A. 1988 re recording
22. action                                                               L.A. 1988 re recording
23. ballroom blitz                                                  L.A. 1988 re recording

Enjoy the music

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