30 December 2017

New Order - another picture ( 09.08.1985 )

New Order : "another picture

Supersonic Scientists
SSS 0641

Made in the UK

more pictures available after asking

recorded :
New Zealand, Wellington - Victoria University Hall

band :

tracklist :
CD 1 :
01. your silent face
02. temptation
03. dreams never end
04. the him
05. leave me alone
06. in a lonely place
07. hurt
08. denial
09. age of consent
10. blue Monday
11. 586

recorded :
USA, Washington DC - Warner Theatre

band :

tracklist :
CD 2 :
01. elegia
02. ICB
03. hurt
04. leave me alone
05. confusion
06. this time of night
07. subculture
08. the village
09. the perfect kiss
10. ceremony
11. blue Monday
12. age of consent
13. temptation

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

It would not be a bad thing to finish the year and start with a request for the bootlegs of The Cure
Happy New Year 2018
Do not lose a visitor
Do not make me lose my illusion

peterfindacure on the road said...

I do what I can do .... I'm a single person who do all the work .... I have a great collection and this is my hobby .... please let it not be my work ... because it doesn't pay ..... there are more then 3000 requests .... on my email so little by little I'll try to do what I can do .... my collection of original bootlegs ( specially the Cure ) I put little by little on the net there are bootlegs in my collection I'll never will put on the net and there is my reason for ( erxtremely rare is a very good reason ) ... I'll hope I don't loose a visitor .... please keep enjoying the music and just keep your faith you'll never know what is comming up the next day

enjoy life

enjoy the music

have a wonderful musically 2018 and more

Cory said...

Thank you for sharing these lost gems. I appreciate the work you do. Happy New Year!!

peterfindacure on the road said...

Thank you for all those positive words feels very very good

Happy musically year for you too

Enjoy the music

Unknown said...

Can we please have more Pictures ?


peter findacure said...

hi Carsten,

here you will find more pictures


enjoy the music