02 March 2018

grooved - the Cure / Cult Hero - I'm a cult hero

the Cure/Cult Hero "I'm a cult hero"


Made in ?

tracklist :
side A :
01. I'm a cult hero
side B :
01. I dig you


Anonymous said...

OMG !!!
Do you want to say that one of the thousand copies is yours? It's incredible, thank you very much for sharing it. Although I would like to hear some vinyl with more running time.

peter findacure said...

thank you for all the nice feedback .... I'm very happy for all those nice words.

But you must also remember I do this all by myself .... and I have a more then fulltime job ( 70 hours/week ) and a family that want to do other things then music music music :-) :-)

nut they will come ...... first the 7" inches then later on the 12" will come .....

Enjoy the music like I do