20 March 2018

grooved - the Cure - lament

the Cure : "lament"

LYN 12011 (Flexipop 022)

Made in the UK

tracklist :
side A :
01. lament
side B :

Enjoy the music


99fire66 said...

is this a rip from an original flexi-disc?

peter gallup said...

yes this is the rip from the flexi disc you see on the picture ...

enjoy the music

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this other nice vinyl.
Today's request is the Excerpt images if you are so kind.
I hope you can meet some of my requests.

peter gallup said...

I'm now abroad for a few days and I can't repeat it enough this is my hobby and you'll have to be patient still enjoy everything

99fire66 said...

awesome... thanks for sharing!

peter gallup said...

thank you for all those positive words

Anonymous said...

Man you're incredible. Big thanx for all of your posting

peter findacure said...

thank you for this amazing feedback .... you make me blush :-)

it's a hard work .... but you make it worth ...

thank you again .... keep enjoying what you see and hear