02 December 2018

Dead Kennedys - 17.11.1985

Dead Kennedys
USA, Philadelphia PA - Blue Horizon

flac version

Setlist :
goons of Hazzard
gone with my wind
this could be anywhere
do the slag
when ya get drafted
soup is good food
chemical warfare
a growing boy needs his lunch
fores fire
triumph of the swill
MTV get off the air
a commercial
bleed for me
chicken farm
one way ticket to Pluto
California über alles

Band :
Jello Biafra, ...

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

Would you be so kind to share this double cd in the next few days? http://www.fightthissicknessfindacure.be/disco/greatesthits_2cd_russia.html
It is not an official cd.

peter findacure on the road said...

that is right this is not an official cd but it just a copy of greatest hits ..... so ....

enjoy the music

I shall see what I can do ....

Anonymous said...

Ok. Thank you for your attention. Here are also other greatest hits. You decide. Thanks, again.