01 February 2019

the Cure - the Cure


the compact disc version of a vinyl bootleg I recently uploaded ......

the Cure : "the Cure"

Primary Production
PP CD 5250

Made in France

more pictures available after asking

recorded :
Germany -Herford -  Scala 'thanks to anonymous)

band :
Robert Smith, ...

tracklist :
01. grinding halt
02. plastic passion
03. accuracy
04. killing an Arab
05. boys don't cry
06. I'm cold
07. happy birthday Simon
08. a forest
09. 10.15 Saturday night
10. play for today
11. do you wanna touch me

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

Although the download is not possible (the link does not work) I am very grateful to you as always for sharing it and for attending to my request. And as usual now a little forgotten because of the size of the vinyls, here if it would be good to see more images, if you are so kind. Thank you very much.

peter findacure said...

very strange checked the link several times now and it worked every time .... something is wrong at your side ... please try again ...

enjoy the music

Anonymous said...

You are right, I had to make some adjustments.
I apologize and wait for the images.
Thank you.

Carsten Hansen said...

can we please have more Pictures



peter findacure said...

here you will find more pictures


enjoy the music first

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Peter, also for the image.
Of course enjoying the music first, for me the art that accompanies the discs is also part of the art together with the music. It's nice to see what the art of the CD is like in this case.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this, peter. I have this bootleg on vinyl, and can confirm what your anonymous reader at https://fightthissicknessfindacure.blogspot.com/2019/01/grooved-cure-cure_20.html has said: Herford Scala, incomplete and not in order, with I'm Cold and Do you wanna touche me? from a different source. Herford is available in excellent quality here:

Cure - 1980-05-31 - Scala, Herford, DE (SBD FLAC)
SBD (unknown gens/transfer, but low gen for sure)

01. Seventeen Seconds
02. Play For Today
03. Three Imaginary Boys
04. Fire In Cairo
05. In Your House
06. 10.15 Saturday Night
07. M
08. At Night
09. Accuracy
10. Jumping Someone Else'S Train
11. Another Journey By Train
12. Grinding Halt
13. A Forest

Encore 1:
14. Plastic Passion
15. Boys Don't Cry

Encore 2:
16. Subway Song
17. Killing An Arab

Encore 3:
18. Happy Birthday
19. A Forest

Encore 4:
20. 10.15 Saturday Night
21. Play For Today



Dave Sez.