15 November 2023

Radiohead - 01.06.2016

France, Lyon - Théâtre Antique de Fourvière
Les Nuits de Fourvière 2016

flac version

Setlist :
Mainset :
Burn the Witch (with extended intro)
Decks Dark
Desert Island Disk
Ful Stop
Optimistic (tour debut; first performance since 2009)
Talk Show Host (with extended outro)
The Gloaming
No Surprises
Glass Eyes
Subterranean Homesick Alien (tour debut)
Lotus Flower
Feral (tour debut)
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Climbing Up the Walls

Encore :
The Numbers
Exit Music (For a Film)
Present Tense (played in the dark because of light shutdown)
Paranoid Android

Encore 2 :
Bodysnatchers (with 'Hunting Bears' outro - first time performed after 'Bodysnatchers'; 'Nude' listed on setlist)
You and Whose Army? (first time as show closer)

Note : 
Soundcheck: 'I Might Be Wrong', 'Ful Stop', 'Feral', 'Optimistic', 'Where I End and You Begin', 'Myxomatosis', 'Talk Show Host', 'Duchess', 'Fake Plastic Trees' and 'Burn the Witch'.

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