22 August 2013

the Cure - Glastonbury 1995 ( 25.06.1995 )

the Cure : "Glastonbury 1995"


more pictures available after asking

recorded :
UK, Pilton, Glastonbury festival

band :
Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Perry Bamonte, Roger O'Donnell

guests :
Porl Thompson (guitar on 'end') 

tracklist :
01. pictures of you
02. lullaby
03. just like heaven
04. trust
05. jupiter crash ( on cd as "new song" )
06. high
07. the walk
08. let's go to bed
09. dressing up
10. a strange day
11. push
12. mint car ( on cd as "new song" )
13. Friday I'm in love
14. inbetween days
15. from the edge of the deep green sea
16. end

Enjoy the music

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enjoy life and live it enjoying


Anonymous said...

Great gig
Thanks for share
Can you share more pictures of this bootleg?

peterfindacure on the road said...

here you will find more pictures


enjoy the music first

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Of course the music first
And always supporting the bands