21 August 2013

the Cure - Glastonbury '90 ( 23.06.1990 )

the Cure : "Glastonbury '90"

ZDCD 001

Made in ?

more pictures available after asking

recorded :
23.06.1990 (wrongly on CD)
UK, Pilton, Glastonbury festival

band :
Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams, Perry Bamonte  

tracklist :
01. shake dog shake
02. a strange day
03. a night like this
04. Kyoto song
05. just like heaven
06. primary
07. a forest ( on cd as "disintegration" )
08. disintegration ( on cd as "disintegration II" )
09. close to me
10. let's go to bed
11. why can't I be you
12. 10.15 Saturday night
13. killing an Arab
14. never enough
Enjoy the music

and listen very well to it


Anonymous said...

¿Me pregunto que cuantos bootlegs hay de esta fecha?

More pictures here please.

peter findacure said...

I really don't know who many bootlegs are made from this concert

enjoy the pictures


Anonymous said...

It will not be the same in mp3, I understand that for you is a great work again in wav, thank you very much for sharing these bootlegs, which for me are difficult to get economically, for import and because some no longer exist. I am unemployed and I also have family, these bootlegs are only for my personal use, I am a lover of music, official recordings of The Cure if I have them, are more accessible and you have to support the bands whenever you can. We must support music, which is art, although many do not value it as such.
This link does not work, in case you can fix it.

peterfindacure on the road said...

here you will find the re upload ..... and in wav


enjoy the music

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much peter. You are great!!!