12 December 2013

the Associates - live at the Marquee club ( 02.11.1980 )

the Associates : "live at the Marquee club"

Tollie Records

Made in ?

more pictures available after asking

recorded :
UK, London, the Marquee club

band :
Allan Rankine, Billy MacKenzie, ...
tracklist :
01. paper house
02. ulcragyceptemol
03. me, myself and a tragic story
04. a matter of gender
05. nude spoons
06. bapdelabap
07. no
08. it's better this way
09. skipping
10. Australia
11. and then I read a book
12. ulcragyceptemol
13. would I bounce back
14. paper house
with all your associates


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

great blog! I was really interested to see there was an early live recording of the Associates. I'd love to hear it, but the rar seemed to be corrupted. Would there be any possibility of reposting? Many thanks!


peter findacure said...

hi Bob thanks for visiting my blog... will re upload as soon as possible ... maybe tomorrow ok .... keep the blog in mind and you'll get your Associates live !!!

Enjoy the music

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Much appreciated! Keep up the good work - it's a treasure trove!!

peter findacure said...

thanks for all you compliments

if you need something please let me know

enjoy the music