17 April 2018

grooved - the Cure - a forest

the Cure : "a forest"


Made in the UK

tracklist :
side A :
01. a forest
side B :
01. another journey by train

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this old and cool. I can make a 7 inch request? The Cure Lullaby 7" UK Gatefold Version.

peter findacure on the road said...

hi first thank you for the possitive feedback ...

you can always make a request ... but please check my site first because I do not have the gatefold version of this one ..... toooooo bad

still enjoy what you see and hear

Anonymous said...

It does not matter, I thought I could have it.
Could I publish one similar to my request?
Thank you.

peter findacure said...

ok one of these days I will upload 7inch of "lullaby" specialy for you