20 April 2018

grooved - the Cure - a single

the Cure : "a single"


Made in the UK

tracklist :
side A :
01. the hanging garden
side B :
01. one hundred years
side C :
01. a forest ( live in Manchester 27.04.1982 (thanks to Anonymous))
side D :
01. killing an Arab ( live in Manchester 27.04.1982 (thanks to Anonymous))

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

Robert's birthday, RSD, Torn Down... Today is a great day to hear this gem. Thanks for sharing. Here the Fiction logo was used for the first time, the live date is April 27 1982 Manchester Apollo and this version of A Forest I think it does not appear in any other recording or digital, it seems that it was the first song that appeared live.
Long live Robert, The Cure and you Peter.

peter findacure said...

thanks for all those positive words ..... makes me go on and on and on


99fire66 said...

huge thank you! i remember back in the day always hoping to find this single. it always eluded me or was at such a high price that it never made its way into the collection.

this site always posts some great gems!

peterfindacure on the road said...

again a big thank you to you all .... thanks for all those nice words