27 April 2018

Pherkad - 07.07.2017

USA, Albuquerque NM - the Railyards
"Joe and Amber's Wedding"

flac version

Setlist :
wrong way
bronken bong
euphoric passenger
blue diamond
plans go away
yin yang
I don't give a funk
open season
my friend
love song (the Cure cover)
the sickness
fire on the mountain (Grateful Dead cover) 
dear Mr. Fantasy (Traffic cover)

Band :

Notes :
Wedding reception.  A big Congratulations to Amber and Joe Torres! :)

Enjoy the music

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like all the music, apart I think that any form of expression of art is wonderful, but logically some I like more than others. This is the case of The Cure, it would have been good this week for new news from you to hear or see something more of them here, but that is my opinion and this is your site. Also, thank you very much for your great work and for sharing.
Maybe next week.