15 July 2018

grooved - the Cure - dressed up again ( 30.06.1990 )

the Cure : "dressed up again"

Big Tit Records
C 3090

Made in Germany

recorded live :
Denmark, Roskilde - Festivalpladsen
"Roskilde Festival" 

tracklist :
side A :
01. a strange day
02. a night like this
03. catch
04. pictures of you
05. fascination street
side B :
01. lullaby
02. dressing up
03. the same deep water as you
04. lament
side C :
01. just like heaven
02. the walk
03. primary
04. inbetween days
05. a forest
side D :
01. disintegration
02. close to me
03. let's go to bed
04. why can't I be you
05. never enough

Enjoy the music


Derek Oliva said...

wao wao thanks so great

peter findacure said...

you're welcome

thanks for the nice words

Anonymous said...

Another year they had a great live sound and this is a great show of the time. I must have heard it a few times and now on vinyl. Thanks for sharing. Some track is missing and I guess it would be due to lack of space.