15 July 2018

grooved - the Cure - dressed up again ( 30.06.1990 )

the Cure : "dressed up again"

Big Tit Records
C 3090

Made in Germany

recorded live :
Denmark, Roskilde - Festivalpladsen
"Roskilde Festival" 

tracklist :
side A :
01. a strange day
02. a night like this
03. catch
04. pictures of you
05. fascination street
side B :
01. lullaby
02. dressing up
03. the same deep water as you
04. lament
side C :
01. just like heaven
02. the walk
03. primary
04. inbetween days
05. a forest
side D :
01. disintegration
02. close to me
03. let's go to bed
04. why can't I be you
05. never enough

Enjoy the music


drkoliva@gmail.com said...

wao wao thanks so great

peter findacure said...

you're welcome

thanks for the nice words

Anonymous said...

Another year they had a great live sound and this is a great show of the time. I must have heard it a few times and now on vinyl. Thanks for sharing. Some track is missing and I guess it would be due to lack of space.