15 July 2018

grooved - Dub Maverick vs. the Cure - dub in my bed

Dub Maverick vs. the Cure : "dub in my bed"

? Records
APEMAN001 (vinyl runout groove)

Made in ?

tracklist :
side A :
01. dub in my bed (vocal mix)
side B :
01. dub in my bed (pump mix)
02. dub in my bed (no vocal mix) 

Enjoy the music


Anonymous said...

Strange remixes, I did not know them. Thank you. I still wait for the 3 cds of Mixed up, I had to ask for them by mail and I still have not received them, this is what I have to live where I live, I do not have a quick access as it is to live in a medium or large city. Have you done with the new vinyl edition of mixed up? Do you have the single-CD single edition of this year?

peter findacure said...

from the 2018 version I have the single version cd - the triple version cd box and the vinyl of torn down already ....

Anonymous said...

Only for curiosity and for personal use, it is not for any other place. You could share the images of the artwork of the remastered single version of cd of 2018? please.