25 July 2018

grooved - the Cure - elephants grind (12.10.1981)

the Cure : "elephants grind"

Trade Mark of Quality
TMQ 72123

Made in ?

recorded live :
France, Lille - Palais St. Sauveur 

tracklist :
side A :
01. the holy hour
02. in your house
03. the drowning man
04. 10.15 Saturday night
05. accuracy
side B :
01. the funeral party
02. m
03. primary
04. other voices
05. all cats are grey
side C :
01. fire in Cairo
02. play for today
03. splintered in her head
04. a forest
side D :
01. faith
02. grinding halt
03. killing an Arab
04. forever

Enjoy the music


99fire66 said...

thank you for all the recent vinyl. love indirectly reliving the old record shop days.

any chance you have the double lp 'the prayer tour 89'?

use to have it way back in the day and it is long gone from my collection. would love to here the show in that format again.

peter findacure on the road said...

yes I da have in my collection .... so one day you will find it here .....

thanks for all the possitive feedback

enjoy the music

Anonymous said...

Famous as Accuracy in the cd version.
Thank you very much for sharing it now on vinyl :-)