01 May 2020

C. J. Ramone - 17.07.2009

C.J. Ramone
USA, West Hollywood CA Whisky A Go Go

one track file

Setlist :
Mainset :
blitzkrieg bop (Ramones song)
Judy is a punk (Ramones song)
beat on the brat (Ramones song)
Cretin hop (Ramones song)
I'm against it (Ramones song)
endless vacation (Ramones song)
sitting in my room (Ramones song)
Sheena is a punk rocker (Ramones song)
it's a long way back (Ramones song)
poison heart (Ramones song)
my back pages (Bob Dylan cover)
I wanna be your boyfriend (Ramones song)
strength to endure (Ramones song)
wart hog (Ramones song)
R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Motörhead cover)
I wanna be sedated (Ramones song)
swallow my pride (Ramones song)
pinhead (Ramones song)

Encore :
pet sematary (Ramones song)
commando (Ramones song)
teenage lobotomy (Ramones song)

Band :
CJ Ramone, Daniel Rey, Brian Costanza and Brant Bjork

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