06 May 2020

C. J. Ramone and friends - 08.10.2004

C.J. Ramone and friends
USA, New York City NY - Spirit

one track file

Setlist :
Durango 95
strength to endure
I don't care (with Alan Vega)
I remember you (with Alan Vega)
53rd & 3rd (with Andrew W.K.)
I believe in miracles (with Andrew W.K.)
I wanna be your boyfriend (with Josh Homme)
teenage lobotomy (with Josh Homme)
here today, gone tomorrow (with Josh Homme)
Judy is a punk (with Joan Jett)
Cretin hop (with Joan Jett)
Rockaway Beach (with Joan Jett)
I wanna be sedated (with Elvis and Tommy Ramone)

C.J Ramone, Bill Stephenson and Daniel Ray with guest singers.

Note :
Elvis Ramone is Clem Burke (Blondie). (thanks to sewer rat)


sewer rat said...

Elvis Ramone was none other than Blondie's Clem Burke.... a piece of useless info there

peterfindacure on the road said...

thanks for your information .... btw no info is useless it helps somebody somewhere I'm sure ... updated the page already

Enjoy stay safe