06 May 2022

Radiohead - 06.05.2006

Denmark, Copenhagen - KB Hallen

one track file

Setlist :
Mainset :
everything in its right place
planet telex
bangers + mash (live debut)
jigsaw falling into place (live debut)
karma police
black star (first time since 1998)
nude (first time since 2003)
15 step (live debut)
street spirit (fade out)
a wolf at the door
the bends (first time since 2003)
4 minute warning (live debut)
pyramid song
house of cards (full band live debut)
spooks (Jonny Greenwood song) (live debut)
there there

Encore :
bodysnatchers (full band live debut)
you and whose army? ('Exit Music (For a Film)' was listed as an alternate in this spot)
let down (first time since 1998)
paranoid android

Encore 2 :
lucky ('Airbag' was listed as an alternate in this spot.) 

Enjoy the music

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