29 March 2019

the Chameleons - 02.07.1985

the Chameleons
UK, Brighton - Polytechnic

Setlist :
silence, sea and sky
a person isn't safe anywhere these days
singing rule Britannia (while the walls close in)
here today
intrigue in Tangiers
tomorrow never knows (the Beatles cover)
monkey land
return of the roughnecks
less than human
pleasure and pain
one flesh
second skin
home is where the heart is
splitting in two (Alternative TV cover)
don't fall

Band :

thanks to little devil scott

Enjoy the music ( updated 20.04.2019 )


Anonymous said...

The attached link leads to "The Cult" not "The Chameleons". Can you post a link to The Chameleons - 02.07-1985? Thanks.

peterfindacure on the road said...

I'm sorry for the mistake, thank you very much for letting me know

updated the page

enjou .... and happy Easter

Anonymous said...

Hwy, not a big deal, No problem at all. Thanks so much for updating the link. Great blog. Just found it the other day. Lots of great stuff. Thanks and Happy Easter to you as well.

peterfindacure on the road said...

you're welcome

enjoy the music