03 January 2020

Dead Kennedys - 13.12.1982

Dead Kennedys
13.12.1982 (thanks to Scott)
Germany, Munich - Alabamahalle

FM Broadcast

Setlist :
Mainset :
the man with the dogs
forward to death
kepone factory
life sentence
trust your mechanic
moral majority
forest fire
winnebago warrior
police truck
bleed for me
holiday in Cambodia
let's lynch the landlord
chemical warfare
nazi punks fuck off
California uber alles

Encore :
too drunk to fuck
kill the poor

 Enjoy the music

Note : This the bootleg known as 'A Skateboard Party'. On the cover of the vinyl version it states that the show was recorded in Satellite County on 9th September 1982. There's no record of the band even played a gig on this date or place. The bootleg has also been punted around the date 13th September 1982. The correct date for this show is 13th December at the Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany.

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